Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So Who's Going Home?

“We have got ourselves a competition, friends. It is on.”

That statement by Ryan pretty much sums up tonight’s show. I’m starting to think this could very well be the most talented top 10 ever, no matter who makes it and who doesn’t…

So, who is going home? I would put Michael, Lil and Alexis in the bottom three. And although my head is telling me Michael, my gut says go with Lil, so I’m predicting Lil to be the bottom vote-getter. Both of them picked the wrong song, but Michael is so loveable, and actually sang his song better. And Lil did a more familiar song to Idol fans because of the Carrie Underwood connection. Plus, her admission that she didn’t want to make the song her own, when nearly everyone else did with their songs, won’t help her.

I thought Alexis was good, but since the judges were so against her and there were so many other better performances, I think she could be in trouble.

There are, however, two wild cards in this equation—Scott MacIntyre and Adam Lambert. Although Scott had one of the weaker vocals of the night, I think he’ll be safe. But I’m honestly not sure about Adam. I think he has enough of a fan base to keep him in, but it wouldn’t completely surprise me to see him in the bottom three.

Now, I would like to call your attention to my choice of words above when talking about Lil. Notice I said, “bottom vote-getter.” Because if I’m right, and Lil does get the lowest number of votes, I believe the judges will save her. I don’t think they’ll extend Michael Sarver the same courtesy.

Some final thoughts in a minute…