Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lee Vs. Crystal: Round 2 Continued

Round 2…Producer’s Choice

Lee DeWyze, “Everybody Hurts”: 13 (out of 15)
This was a good choice by Simon Fuller, but Lee was a little too disconnected. I think his nerves are really getting him tonight. And he really should’ve gone with a more upbeat song for the first one, because you know the last one will be a ballad.

And who is directing this crap? Seriously this is bad….

And Simon wants a 10 out of 10 from Lee with the Winner’s Single? Are you new to the show, Simon?

Can’t believe they’re making them sing the Winner’s Single back-to-back. Unless they have different singles like they did in seasons two and five…

Crystal Bowersox, “Black Velvet”: 13 (out of 15)
Way to be generic, Fuller. That’s an “Idol” standard, but Crystal did give it a different twist. Although I have to say that she missed a ton of her screams. And who were the ad wizards that put her on those stairs? She couldn’t concentrate on her singing at all.

Round 2…Crystal, but again, by just a smidge…

And does anyone else notice the screams are much louder for Lee?