Sunday, May 16, 2010

Michael Lynche: "You have to give them what they want"

Michael Lynche, aka Big Mike, was probably the most consistent performer. But his cockiness—and Casey’s growing popularity—finally did him in.

Here’s a sample of what Big Mike had to say to the media last week…

On whether you have to take a risk each week: “I don’t know if that’s the right mind frame to go with. I think you have to show all the sides of you. I think that with me stepping outside of the R&B realm, that’s risky enough because they see you, they see me, they see how I look and you expect to hear R&B. And when I do something different, sometimes it’s a little jarring for people to see something different. I don’t know risk is the right frame of mind, especially some of the guys still left in it, I think they really have to stay true to themselves. You have to be comfortable up there and you have to just really, really pick songs that mean something to you. I don’t know if risk is what wins it because at this point, you’ve really solidified what your fan base is. You have to give them what they want.”

On what it meant to have his family on stage with him Wednesday night. “It meant a lot because it really started out with them in Hollywood Week for me is when this whole experience really got real. It wasn’t about hoping that you do well anymore. I had to do well. Because of the sacrificing I was making at that time, it was very important for me to do well. So to have them there and they would have been there for me if I was working at Home Depot or Dominos Pizza. My wife just always supports me no matter what, so it’s nice that I get to be the family man. I’m not anybody else but that. That’s what I am first, so it was nice that that was my story and that people really saw that. To have my wife there just really helps your heart out in a tough moment.”

On the need to do something original each week: “I felt like you should do something original. I think that everybody should always make the song their own. I think you get into the Karaoke zone when you just do a good version. So I always wanted to have a song feel like I wrote it. I wanted to find that place in the song that was original for me and that was new for me. In my opinion I think that’s how you succeed on the show is really making it your own.”

On singing for the Judges’ Save: “I wasn’t terrified, no. I felt like going into the season, that I like that concept of sing for you life. Really every week to me is sing for your life because nothing is guaranteed for you on the show. Your time isn’t guaranteed at all. So I never wanted to take anything for granted. When I got to that point and it was literally sing for your life and the life of your family and your future, here’s your one chance, I felt like I could do that. I felt going in that I could stand tall in that moment. When it got down to Andrew and I, I wanted it to be me in that moment, because I didn’t necessarily want him to have to go through that. He’s a good buddy of mine and I just felt strong enough and prepared enough to take that moment on. It worked out, so I wasn’t surprised that they saved me, just extremely grateful to still be around.”
On the Judges’ Save itself: “I think it’s two sided. I think as far as the voting goes, it’s really one of my favorite parts of the show that people get to pick their champion. But it also depends on who’s voting. I think that as far as the save goes, it really speaks to your work ethic and your professionalism and what they see of you behind, not just on the stage for that little minute thirty that audience and that America really sees. The judges get to see a bit more of us and how your reputation is around the set and whatnot and around the crew. I think it just speaks to who you are as a professional for them to take that chance to save you and to say to America think about this again because this person really has shown us to be a professional and to be somebody worth taking a look at. So I think it’s two sided with it.”

Photo Credit: Michael Becker/PictureGroup for FOX