Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ananse Village: African Crafts and Textiles

Africa is a continent rich in artistic expression. From the beautiful Ilala palm baskets made by members of the Zulu tribe in South Africa, traditional tonga basket from Zambia, the percussive traditions of the djembe, brekete , ashiko, djun-djun, balaphone, kpanolgo, atsimevu and don-don drums of West Africa, to the magnificent kente cloth, bologanfini (mudcloth), kuba cloth and batik textiles of the continent, the cultural heritage of Africa is expressed.

We are proud to offer the finest traditional African crafts produced in a fair trade environment. By working directly with village artisans we are able to positively affect the economic development in the most needy areas. Ananse Village is dedicated to supporting small scale production by talented craftspeople. A portion of our profits helps provide medical care and educational opportunities to the communities we work with.