Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fabric and Art.Com we are excited to be statrting a new journey, directing our entire fabric collection to a high quality, sustainable collection of the worlds finest fabric. Our focus is on natural fibers, that are manufactured in as low impact a way as possible.

The quilt fabric industry is slowly catching on to the movement of environmental responsibility, though we have a ways to go before we can truly call fabric manufacture sustainable. Therefore even though we have a large selection of quality quilt fabric, we are always searching for new, greener fabrics. Hopefully before long we will be able to offer more and more selection of sustainable fabrics

Proudly we've been on the forefront of offering Hemp and Organic cotton fabrics, and now have added soy and bamboo fabrics to the mix! These types of alternative fibers are an important growing industry.

We are also proud to offer fair trade fabrics. Handcrafted batik fabrics from Ghana as well as Vietnamese brocade and woven silk shantung from Cambodia.

As always our selection of Indonesian batik fabrics and Bali handpaints are a true celebration of the Balinesian ancient art.

We have a range of other fabrics including our most popular Japanese quilt fabrics and Aborigine-designed fabrics from Australia. Since India is one of the largest manufacturers of silks and cotton we are seeking sustainable, fair trade fabrics, please visit our pages to check on availability of Indian loomed cottons and silks.