Thursday, February 5, 2009

Galleria Pangea, Chinese and Asian Crafts

About Us

Galleria Pangea is a collaborative partnership between Asian and Western friends interested in the relationship of culture and craft. Our staff has traveled extensively throughout China to discover the handmade treasures that often lie hidden in the infrequently-visited regions and modern artifice of our daily lives. Each of our products has a unique cultural significance and story that we are happy to share with you as you explore with us the rich legacy of artisan craftsmanship bestowed upon us by our collective heritage.

When you visit Galleria Pangea, we hope that you will find more than well-crafted, thoughtful merchandise. We hope that you will come to appreciate a shared history and culture that has evolved over millennia. We are continuously adding both new countries and new products to our catalogue so please check back with us frequently and let us know how we can serve you better.

Our Mission

Galleria Pangea's mission is to locate, procure, and provide you with pieces of the world's heritage at a fair price. In between the spaces of the familiar and the stereotypical, fine handicrafts and artwork abound in the hidden corners of the world. We are devoted to seeking them out for you - in a way that preserves the historical significance of the pieces in question.

We deal directly with the artists who make each piece. There is no middleman or distributor used, and we ensure that each artisan can trade his artwork at a reasonable price for both the buyer and the seller. You can buy from us in confidence.

Much like our namesake, the archetypical Pangaea continent preceding the separation of the world's continents, we ultimately hope to make the Earth a little more unified. Please join us in our mission!