Saturday, March 7, 2009

Matt Giraud: "I definitely want to sing pop music"

Matt Giraud’s personality is just something that you really can’t put your finger on. I think I would call it soul with an edge. And I definitely see some Taylor Hicks in him, which unlike Simon, I consider a compliment.

Here’s some of what Matt had to say during his media conference call…

On Simon criticizing his fashion sense: “I don’t know why he’s always hatin’ on me. I just trusted the wardrobe people with that one and they said go for it. And who really takes fashion advice from Simon anyway? I mean, come on.”

On singing pop music: “I definitely will attempt it again. I definitely want to sing pop music. I guess I just picked the wrong kind of rock song. Who knows? Maybe I’ll pop out a J.T. (Justin Timberlake) song.”

On his dream mentor: “Billy Joel would be ridiculous.”

On the judges’ criticism that he went over the top: “It’s ‘American Idol,’ man, what the heck, you know? I mean sometimes it’s a little bit over the top. I mean, last night I was singing for my life. I gotta bring it, so if it goes a little over the top, that’s alright.”

On the music he’d like to make in the future: “I’d love to work with Billy Joel, Elton John, those iconic piano singers. Maybe even Alicia Keys. I had someone call me the white boy Alicia Keys, so that was pretty funny.”

On the judges’ criticism of his first performance of “Vida la Vida”: “I felt they were a little harsh. But I definitely couldn’t sleep that night. I felt like I let a lot of people down.”

On White Chocolate, the group he was part of during Hollywood Week: “It was a group thing. Kris Allen and I kind of took the reins. There was no drama so we didn’t get that much airtime. White Chocolate is what people used to call me as a child.” Later, someone asked why he was called White Chocolate. “I was one of the only lighter kids in the gospel choir in Detroit. I learned that kind of music—church music. That’s why I tried to take them to church [Thursday] night.”

On the best advice he’s received from the judges: “Stick to what you’re good at and nail what you’re good at.”

On his musical experience before “Idol”: “I played a lot of piano in the lobby of the Marriott in Ypsilanti. I did choir work, played in a worship band…”

On his family’s reaction: “That’s probably one of the best parts of the show—making your family happy.” Matt said that talking to his dad, he felt “that sense of redemption.”
Photo Credit: Frank Micelotta/FOX