Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Angelina Jolie: Balcony Beauty

Working hard and tough, brunette beauty Angelina Jolie managed to share a wave to the paparazzi up looking at her who snaps shots. Together with his co-star Johnny Deep, they spend so much time together to fully finish their movie “The Tourist”. The movie was taken at Venice, Italy. Wearing a simple gown, a costume for the movie, Jolie managed to compose herself in front the paparazzi, she’s like a princess on this picture. Jolie’s husband, brad Pitt and their children were also staying at Italy at the present. Pitt managed to take care of their children while Jolie was busy making her movie.

Jolie is also working at the present to a novel, directed by Darren Aronofsky. “Serena: A novel” will be adapted on screen. The story of “Serena” will encircle the life of a couple Serena and hid husband George Pemberton. George in the story will have to commit a ruthless suicide pushes by Serena. Serena on the other hand will commit a murder of her husband’s illegitimate son when she finds out that she cannot conceive. Such an interesting novel. And with Jolie as a main star, surely can portray the role perfectly.