Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jessica Alba: Hollywood Hottie

The “Fantastic Four” princes always, stunning beauty Jessica Alba was spotted on Hollywood, California on Monday (March 1). She’s having her busy day first consulting a local medical facility before making her way to shopping. Together with s friend she makes herself busy with cosmetics shopping, enjoying the rest of the day.

In an interview before she mentioned that doesn’t know anything about the rumored sequel of their movie “Fantastic Four”. So there are really no plans yet for the movie.

Jessica’s proud of the “Fantastic Four” movie, not only for grossing a lot of money but because primarily of the effects it does for the kids mainly. They love superheroes, and “fantastic Four” is one of those movies whom they won’t forget. Its like programmed to their minds, when it comes to superhero what they think first would be “Fantastic Four”. Jessica Alba’s very flattered about that.

Alba’s also very grateful that she’s the first woman who portrays a role of superhero with different kind of power compare to other superheroes.

No doubt, everybody’s waiting and excited if there’s a sequel of the movie in the future. Well of course not only for the children but mainly for them. Movies like these not only meant to entertain children but to realized the importance of peace.