Monday, March 8, 2010

Michelle Delamore: "You will see me one day doing something big"

As you know, I was actually impressed with Michelle Delamor’s song choice. But in her conference call with reporters Friday, she admitted that she wasn’t so sure. And she believes that is what hurt her performance.

Here’s some of what she had to say…

On Kara changing her mind about her performance after watching it back: “You know what, it was a little bit disappointing, but knowing myself, I’m really a perfectionist and I know that I didn’t do my best. I know Wednesday was not close to my best performance. So I understood where she was coming from. I was a bit disappointed that she had those things to say, but I couldn’t really—I couldn’t say that she was wrong for it because it wasn’t my best performance…When she actually said that on the stage that day that it was my best performance ever. I was really shocked because I didn’t feel like that was my best performance at all. So yes, so when she took it back, I wasn’t too surprised, but I was surprised that she took it back because I felt like she was going to stay true to what she said but, I mean, I knew that it wasn’t my best performance. I really knew that.”

On her future: “I’m actually staying in L.A. I’m going to do everything that I can to make something big come out of this. I feel like I’ve come this far and I know that I was made to do something big with music so I’m not going to give up and you guys will see me one day doing something big, I promise.”

On her song choice: “I really did question it. As a matter of fact, I think part of what messed me up a little bit is that I questioned it before I got on that stage…And so when you’re not sure of the song that you’re performing, it’s going to be noticed and people can feel that. So I definitely would have done my next song, like I would have reversed it. You know what I mean? What I would have wanted to do next, though…I wanted to do “Come Together” by the Beatles, but Michael Jackson style…I love it. I feel like it has so much drive, so much intensity, and it’s a song that I feel, like I love it. And my idol, my inspiration Michael Jackson, he covered it, and he did an amazing job and I’ve just always loved that song and I thought it would be so much fun to perform it for everyone.”

I have to say as much as I liked her choice, that would have rocked. It’s one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs…

On why she made the choice: “I thought it was taking a risk and I believe that I kind of tried too much to go by what the judges said. I just wanted to make sure that I did the right thing and I was too caught up in my mind and I should have, more than anything, just stayed true to who I am as an artist. And I feel that I still did give my own style to it, but I maybe should have chosen a different song. But everything happens for a reason.”

On her favorite part of the “Idol” experience: “You know what, working with Dorian. I’m sure you don’t recognize his name, but he worked with Michael Jackson. And if you saw ‘This Is It.’ He’s in the film. And I was like if I—I watched the film five times. And Michael Jackson’s my idol. He’s my inspiration. And so I watched it about five times and I was like one day when I become successful, I just pray to God that I’m able to work with this man. And when I walked into the room and I saw him there like I just started crying. I got so emotional because I felt like oh, my God, a dream of mine just came true. Like this is as close as I’ll ever get to Michael and he really like, he really helped take me to the next level. And that to me was the highlight of the whole ‘Idol’ experience.”

In saying goodbye to the reporters, Michelle promised that we would see her one day at the Grammys…

Photo Credit: Frank Micelotta/FOX