Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bring on the Bathing Suits!

We all know that spring leads to summer, which is usually everyone’s favorite season! Women everywhere are getting their beach bodies ready. Once those high temperatures hit, bathing suits begin to take over. I’ve seen it too many times, especially from teenage girls, shopping for new bikinis is a personal favorite for many. There’s always hundreds of colors, patterns, and prints to choose from and normally you can mix and match! Now that the internet has taken over our lives, online shopping has become a new hobby and Victoria’s Secret has been a top hit for online bathing suit shopping. They have several different styles to account for different body shapes. Each style has at least ten different colors and and sometimes different patterns to match a solid top or bottom. They also have their specialty bathing suits, which usually include beads, chains, and specific shapes or designs. Unfortunately, Victoria’s Secret tends to be on the expensive side and for some, the styles do not fit appropriately. Target, again, pulls through. They have cute patterns for half the price!Of course with every bathing suit comes a cute bathing suit cover! There are plenty of styles to make any woman feel comfortable. Bright colors as usual and flowy bottoms to blow in that light ocean breeze. Some can even still get a tan while sitting in these cute jumpers. Victoria’s Secret has some great styles that work in any kind of weather and stand out amongst the rest. Some may prefer the one-piece rompers that give more of a shape. The thin material is always a hit, as well as terry cloth. Juicy is known for the terry cloth jumpers, but victoria’s secret has also added this to their collection. Mesh cover-ups are also a hot, new trend. Certain materials allow for you to get color while you’re wearing it!

Different body types require different styles of bathing suits. With bikinis, there are various styles of bottoms. Some tie on the side, some have chains, and some have a thick strap. There are are also bottoms that look like shorts for those who are not as comfortable with showing their entire thigh. A person with a larger bottom half would be more inclined to buy a larger bottom that covers more skin. Regarding bikini tops, there are also several different styles. The traditional halter string tops are always the most popular. There are some that have straps coming from the middle and others that are removable, making it strapless. Those with a bigger bust tend to keep the straps and pick a top with more padding to cover. Victoria’s Secret has also created cup styles that give more support and have a sturdy wire frame. On the other hand, there are also those with extra padding that give the “push-up” that some girls long for.

For those that aren’t as comfortable showing off their skin, we have several other trendy swimsuits ready! Women over forty usually gravitate toward the tankinis. This is not to say that only women over that age wear them. They still show off some skin but certain body types look better in a tankini. Lastly, some people still enjoy the full one-piece swimsuits. However, today, they’ve begin to cut our parts of it to make extravegant shapes and designs. Some one pieces show off as much skin as a bikini! Again, Victoria’s Secret isn’t the only place to find great swimwear. It’s a very popular place for younger generations, but you can definitely find great styles at cheaper prices elsewhere.
Shopping for bathing suits definitely puts me in the mood for summer! The warm, sunny weather and beaches are calling my name. We all know that whether you’re sitting in the sand or strolling the beach, that bright sun can get in the way. Bring on the sunglasses! I personally shop for the designer brands because I want them to last longer, but there are hundreds of styles out there in almost any store! For a smaller face, I would recommend obviously a smaller frame. The thick, black rectangular styles look great on most. I would also recommened Ray Bans. They have different sizes, colors, and styles. If you’re style is more on the preppy side, then these will be a great match for you! For a larger face, the giant, round, “bug-eyed” glasses are #1 on the accessory list. Chanel, Coach, Gucci, you name it, these designers love the large frames that stand out amongst the rest. Of course there are plenty of other brands and styles to choose from that may fit just perfectly. It all depends on the person and what they feel like wearing. All that matters is that they’re comfortable and they can block that blinding summer sun!