Monday, April 26, 2010

Forget the Fashion Police..They Wear What They Want To

Regardless of the fashion police and the general public’s comments on their choice of outfit, all of the celebrities have their own unique style.

Some other women celebrities, however, always choose to go for the elegant look. Taylor Swift is an example of one celebrity who does this. With her (usually either gold or silver) sparkle dresses and up-do she always tries to look very classy on the runway.
Some celebrities, however, choose to stand out on purpose. They may not want to follow the stereotypical red carpet look of elegance. For example, Lady Gaga is now known, not only for her musical talents, butalso for her outrageous fashion choices. She once chose to wear an outfit made out of bubbles.

Her Kermit the Frog outfit and other outrageous fashion choices have definitely made Lady Gaga the talk of the town.
Two celebrities can also arrive at a red carpet event wearing the same outfit and one may rock it differently than the other. Although two celebrities may be wearing the same designer, they each wear it in their own unique way. One style may look better on one celebrity than it does on another. For example, at the 2009 MTV Music Awards, singer Pink and Shakira both showed up wearing the same dress.
Needless to say, both Pink and Shakira are two very different women with two very different personalities.Even though they’re wearing the same dress they each have a different body type and each of them is wearing it differently. Shakira decided to wear the high boots and Pink decided to go with the black heels. It was a matter of opinion who looked better in the dress. Both of their styles may be more on the edgy side