Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dressing for Your Body Type!

The number one way to look and feel your best is to dress for your body type! Don’t try and squeeze into a size 2 because it makes you feel good; buy the size that fits you best and learn to accentuate you’re given beauty. Here are some “dressing for your body type” how-tos and a sure fire way to look and feel GREAT this summer.

For most women, the “everyday” look is probably the most important because it’s what your dressed in the majority of the time. There’s always an easy way to make casual look cute, as long as you follow the right guidelines. A VERY trendy piece of clothing that is sweeping the fashion world is leggings. They can be worn with nearly anything and can easily be dressed up or dressed down.

For you long legged women, leggings can look especially flattering with flats or sandals. Women who tend to have shorter, stockier legs can enhance their appearance by accompanying their leggings with high boots, (ankle boots work too). This boot/legging combo works so great to add length because it gives the illusion that your ankles are lower then they really are. Boots with even a 1-inch heel can add MILES of length to your legs.

If your reading this article, chances are you’ve struggled MANY times trying to find the perfect little black dress. It’s every woman’s best friend and when worn properly, can be the simplest yet sexiest piece of clothing in her closet. Its cheque, its classy, and its simple. There are hundreds of styles and varieties when it comes to the little black dresses and every body type has its ideal match. Women with inverted triangle body shapes for example, look best in dresses with slightly bloused tops and more fitted bottoms.By hugging the lower portion of your body, it evens out your shape that is naturally wider on top.

Now, you women who think its hopeless to finding a black dress that emphasizes your curves, your wrong! If you find yourself having a more rectangular body shape with little curve definition, creating illusions does WONDERS. Detailed stitching or lining right under the bust will give the illusion of a fuller bust. Empire wasted dresses will also give you a curvier look and is a great style for this body shape.

Its important to remember that the style of your little black dress is not the only factor you should consider. The type of fabric worn is essential. Quality fabrics will almost always improve the look of your wardrobe, no matter what it may be. Although it’s easy and common to pick the most comfortable (usually cotton), when selecting your dress, remember that fabrics such as cotton wont last nearly as long as some of the more high quality fabrics out there.Because this type of dress is so timeless, spend the extra bucks on fabrics such as wool, cashmere, silk, or linen. It will pay off in the long run!

No matter WHAT your body type may be, dressing up or dressing down your little black dress is a way to show off your personal style while keeping the simplicity of your LBD in tact. Now, for those of you women, who find yourself searching through your closet each morning before heading to the office, keep in mind the possibilities of your LBD. You can create a whole new look by wearing a white or colored blouse underneath your LBD or by slipping on a bright colored cardigan. Some pearl studs and opaque tights will complete your business casual look and keep you looking sophisticated and mature in any office setting.

Now, if your feeling sexy and looking for a great way to dress up your LBD for a night out on the town, get out your favorite stiletto heels and if your feeling really daring throw on a pair of fishnet stockings. Note: Fishnets can sometimes add bulk to your leg, so try something more solid if you’re aiming for a leaner look. Dangly earrings and flashy bracelets work as great accessories for your fancy LBD.


You have a rectangular body shape if the measurements of your bust and waist are pretty much the same. Typically, you have little to no waist definition and thin arms and legs. Your bust is relatively small and sometimes you may have a flat bottom. Two key ways to add curves to your body is by defining your shoulders and waist. Semi-fitted clothes can help flatter the curves you have as well.Don’t be scared to try shoulder pads either, they may be a bit “80s” but they do the trick! Low necklines, baggy tops, baggy pants, and narrow skirts are fashion DONTS for rectangular shaped women.
The inverted triangle body shape usually describes a woman with a proportionally large bust, wide shoulders, narrow waists, long, lean legs, and a sometimes-flat bottom. Some flattering looks for this body shape are flowing fabrics, low necklines, a-line skirts, and flared pants. Try to avoid bulky fabrics with high necklines and big collars. If this is your body shape, work it! You have great opportunities to accentuate your bust and show off your long legs

Women who find themselves with a bust line significantly narrower then their hip line can be classified as having a triangle or pear shape body.You pear shaped women out there have a defined waist line and quite often narrow shoulders. You may sometimes become associated with the term “junk in the trunk.” Not to worry! Having a full, round bottom can be very sexy and there are many women out there wishing they had such a feature. For this particular shape, it’s most important to be able to balance your bottom half with your top half. Short sleeved tops; accessories and sometimes even shoulder pads will all help your upper body stand out. Low-rise pants that are boot or straight cut are also VERY flattering for this body type. Fabrics that add bulk to the hips are a no go; stick to low, fitted bottom coverage ladies.

Women can sometimes negatively characterize the oval body shape because it usually lets on the appearance of being overweight. With little waistline definition and a “rounder” look, you may have to learn to appreciate your plus size physique. There is nothing wrong with being big and beautiful! A great example of a pear shaped body is that of well-known singer and actress, Queen Latifah; and I’m sure no one will argue her lack of beauty. Once again, it’s ALL about how you dress yourself.

When it comes to the basic pant fit, there are three basic types: fitted, straight, and flare. Like nearly every type of clothing, pants can be used to create illusions that flatter your body type. For pants specifically, seams, darts, gathers, and pleats can all be used to shape your body’s silhouette and create either a horizontal or vertical illusion. Waste lines and pockets are also important features of the many different types of pants. If your aiming to look taller, it’s helpful to wear tops and bottoms that are the samecolors. If you’re on the taller side and are trying to shorten your appearance, tops and bottoms that are different textures can really help. Fitted pant legs can be unflattering for both too thin and too full body types. Flared pant legs are very flattering for the tall, thing body types; while straight pant legs make women with thicker thighs and a prominent derriere look FABULOUS. Its important to remember that certain types of gatherings or pleats near the waste line could potentially emphasize a protruding belly.Focus more on smooth, straight lines when trying to hide a little tummy bulge. Women with a curvy figure will often benefit from darts in the center of both their front and back. Darts are great for creating a slimmer look.

Women with the supposed “perfect” hourglass shape are typically curvaceous with defined waistlines and larger busts. The type of dress that flatters this body type best would be ones with v-neck cuts and skirts that flow out from the waistline. While the different lengths of dresses constantly go in and out of style, my opinion is that the most flattering cut of any dress on any body type are those that fall right above the knee. It flatters mostly every shape and shows enough leg while also maintaining moderate coverage.

Also, don’t be afraid to wear plunging v and scoop necks because with your typically smaller bust, there’s no chance of looking “inappropriate.” You may be envious of big-chested women sometimes, but remember your smaller bust line allows you to wear a wide variety of styles.

The four most common shapes for women’s body types are hourglass, inverted triangle, pear shape, rectangle, and oval. Every woman’s body is unique in it’s own way but these shapes are a general description of the ways in which the curves of the body flow. Typically, women with a full hip and bust line that are equal in measurement, along with a defined waist, fit the description of an hourglass body shape. To many people, this is the “perfect” body shape for a woman. Don’t let the word perfect fool you though; only about 2% of the population has a so called “perfect” body. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?

The main point I am trying to make to all you beautiful women out there is to EMBRACE your body type. No matter what shape or size you are, there is a way to dress your body that will surely make you feel great about yourself. Us women are constantly under pressure to look beautiful all the time and we are often extremely hard on ourselves. If you feel great about what you’re wearing you will surely give off a confident, appealing vibe. Dress for your body type, love your body type, and work it!

-Kat Salerno