Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Must Haves" for the Spring and Summer months!

Spring is here! Time to get rid of the uggs and parkas because great things are in store for this glorious season! Shirts, shorts, dresses, accessories, you name it, we’ve got it all! I only give my reader’s the best advice for how to look their best. The key looks for the spring and upcoming summer season include the following: hot pants and boy shorts, knee high socks, high dress splits, sporty clothing, jumpsuits, patterns and prints, see-through and sheer fabrics, and boyfriend blazers. The question is where do we start? You can’t wear it all, but you can pick the right looks for your own body and “dress to impress”!
The top prints for this season include tie-dye, multiprints, polka dots, sequin, and fringe. Talk about a wide range of looks! You could pretty much get away with wearing anything and it would be in style!

Shirts, we all wear them and need to look great in them. This season you’ll be seeing many women in a trendy t with stones and gems. Embellished tops are only for some though. Distressed and rip shirts are also back in town. Some enjoy the rugged, “tough girl” look every once in a while. This particular look when paired with jeans and simple flats is a great look for a casual day on the town. Fringe and ruffles have also made their way back. Whether it is on shirts, jackets or handbags, you’ll be seeing a lot more of this trendy style on people everywhere, including celebrities.

Moving onto the bottoms, in the colder weather, we’ll continue to see the denim and khaki but in the form of Bermuda shorts. These shorts are one of the many hot items around this spring and summer. Time at the gym may be necessary to tone those legs to look your best! As we saw in the fall, high-waisted skirts are still in, the bright colors and floral prints are the way to go. Cheerleader skirts are also coming back, the folded patterns and slight flare.

Dresses open up several doors. The layered look has been huge all year and will continue to stay. Thin straps with a tank or beater underneath go a long way. Adding accessories to simple dresses also create great spring fashions. Belts and long necklaces help to accentuate body shape and height. In relation to the shirts, ruffles and sequins are also hot in the dress category. Most of the stars these days are bedazzled in jewels and flaunt it proudly. The floral prints are also taking over the runways. These patterns have been showing up on all dress styles. Shorter is better and I think it’s safe to say that most people, mainly men would agree with this statement. The strappy and open-toed heels create a more formal look when added to the dress. For those who are taller, long dresses are also still in style if you prefer!

Since spring can bring a variety of weather patterns we still need to keep a light, trendy coat around for those spring and summer breezes! Gap has come out with a new military style jacket, on the longer side, but still made to fit the figure. The greens and khakis are in for those who want the “tom-boy” look for the season. J.Crew is known for the great spring colors and signature designs. You’ll see a lot of ruffles throughout the season and they add just enough to make it work, yet keep it simple at the same time. Everyone knows that spring brings along those april showers. Raincoats can be found almost anywhere, but will u look glamorous in just any raincoat? Of course not! Banana republic has come out with the perfect solution. This semi-long, water-resistant, jazzy piece covers enough to keep you dry and comes in khaki or black. Perfect for work or even just around town!

Now for my favorite part, accessories! Fall was all about the big, bulky shoulder bags, now we’re moving to small, compact, and lightweight bags. Whether it sits on the shoulder or across the body, smaller is better. You’ll be seeing flashy, embellished, and extremely colorful purses everywhere! Chain straps and buckles are also a popular addition. Another addition to accessories for this season are scarves. This may sound strange and you may be thinking, well it’s not fall anymore, but I’m not lying to you! Scarves, whether they’re used as headbands or tied around the neck, have become a new attraction. You’ll see them in bright colors and floral prints. Again, it adds to make the outfit that much more stylish. The different between the seasonal scarves is that the spring scarves will be thinner, lighter and silkier. They’re not the thick, cotton, dark colored scarves that we saw in the fall and winter months.

Heels will always remain in style no matter what season it is; however, for this spring, lower heels are finally coming into the picture. They’re trendy and now more comfortable! You don’t have to keep killing you’re feet to look great! As we saw last year, the gladiator sandals are still on top. The layers of straps and beads help make your outfit that much more fashionable. A simple tee and shorts can become fancy instantly with the right shoe. If you want to stick to the high, strappy heels, that’s always allowed. Taller women are thought to be more attractive and model-esque. As long as they’re bright colors or have that spring vibe, then you can get away with anything.

Jewelry, one of the most important pieces to an outfit. Silver jewelry is on the front page! Bangles, long necklaces, and rhinestones are taking over. Bold, embellished chains and layers complete every outfit. The embellished accessories continue to compliment each other. One of my personal favorites are the oversized, danlgy earrings. A plain, simple outfit can go a long way with a flashy set of studs! You may see the stars at there with their diamond necklaces and oversized designer jewels, but no one needs to spend that kind of money to look great! Almost any clothing store will carry great selections. Even target, which is known for having less expensive products, have some unique and funky choices.