Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trends In Accessories

Trends in accessories include bags, jewelry, headbands and hats, sunglasses, scarves and belts and shoes. There are common trends throughout all of these as well as others that are specifically for one category. For the spring of 2010 there are new colors and prints that are now in. Shoes also have a different style that have now become very popular and have been seen through the shoes of several different designers. All the accessories follow the trends for the spring and each designer interprets it in there own way to make an accessory that people will buy.

Every designer interprets the new trends in their own way and incorporates that trend into their accessories using their unique style. Each designer has designed accessories that will be popular for the spring 2010 and has showed these new looks on the runway during Fashion Week.

Starting with the trends in shoes for the Spring 2010, designers have shown that several zippers and buckles, army style boots, studs, animal prints, and leather are all in for the spring season. The army style boots are being introduced early and are intended to be more of a trend for the summer, but designers have already shown their interest in putting out their shoes for this trend. The animal print trend includes prints such as tiger, zebra, leopard, and snakeskin. This trend is a very popular one that has been seen in not just shoes and has had a great impact on the spring 2010 designs.

Another very popular trend that is huge for the spring 2010 is the use of several zippers, buckles and straps for shoes. There are several designers such as Steve Madden, who have designed boots that go up to the knee and have one long colored zipper along the back. Jimmy Choo has taken this trend and made shoes that are very strappy and very high as well. Other designers have decided to just have one zipper or buckle, and have chosen from a variety of heel size. The style of the heel has also been part of a trend that is a really high heel or a very low, almost flat heel.

Color-block, has been a pattern that has been used by several designers in their shoes for the current season. The color-block pattern includes several different colors that are put together to present not only an attractive but fun type of shoe. The shoes shown below are examples of how this fad has been interpreted by designers to create a unique shoe of their own.

Jewelry follows, for the most part, similar trends as the other accessories but also creates its own for the spring of 2010. Flower prints are in right now for the spring as well as for the summer. The possibilities for creating clothing, shoes, etc. are endless when it comes to floral prints and it gives designers the opportunity to express themselves in a way that distinguishes them from others. With jewelry it is easy to get creative and the simplest idea can transform into one that stands out over others. Flower rings have become a well-liked piece of jewelry that can be found in small or really large flowers. The larger flower rings are a very bold look and can we worn on an everyday basis or for a night out with the girls. The flowers don’t stop with rings, and have made its way to earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Designers have created beautiful art through their jewelry and have constructed one of a kind pieces.

One of the other trends seen in jewelry are the two finger rings that range from simple architecture to much more complex designs. These rings go across two fingers and can simply be explained as two rings connected as one. The designs of these rings can be a word, a flower, a simple band etc. they are unique and as the months have passed by they have become more and more fashionable. After celebrity Lauren Conrad was seen wearing one on an episode of “The Hills” girls watching the show wanted one of their own and the trend of the two-finger ring has become a popular one.

There are several other pieces of jewelry and each one has its own trend that has been seen for the spring. For bracelets, thick bangles have become the new fad and these bangles follow the trends of accessories. The tribal print has been used for bangles and because they are thick it is easy to incorporate this pattern then it would be for a ring. Bracelets have also followed the trend of shoes using studs and have also been using silver for several pieces. These new bracelets have also come out where they are thick like bangles but tighter on the wrist and flat. They have different shapes, some being in the shape of flowers and others being flat with designs engraved in them. Plastic bangles have also become big and can be found in all different colors, plain or with a funky design

Bags are a huge and important part of the accessory department because they are necessary daily to pretty much carry our lives in a small compartment. The new styles for bags that are in for the spring are fringes, tribal print, animal prints, and leather. Messenger bags are also coming back and have become a wanted style in bags, as well as the straps of the bags being chains. The bags that have been developed incorporate the main trends in accessories as well as trends that can be found for clothing of the spring. The tribal pattern for example isn’t seen much throughout jewelry besides on bangles but in the bags department it is seen frequently this spring. Several designers have taken this print and created gorgeous unique looking bags that are a big hit. Just like the tribal pattern that is a fashion trend for not only accessories but for clothing as well, the animal print has become one that can be used through all of fashion. With the bags department more snakeskin has been seen than other animal prints. The snakeskin has been combined with leather by some designers to create a different looking bags than just one simple pattern, in a sense these designers use the color-block trend but with snakeskin and leather.

Hats and headbands have become a growing trend that started to become trendier recently with the fedora and flower headbands. Since last summer the fedora was in and was seen all over the fashion magazines. With the summer approaching soon the new styles of fedoras have been coming out with different styles than last years and have also seen other styles of hats being created. Another kind of hat that is now the new hot thing for the spring and summer 2010 is the Panama hat. It is similar to the fedora but has a flatter but longer rim around the hat. With these two hats out, the designers have taken it into their hands to create on of their own.

Headbands have been out for the past years but recently there has been a higher demand for them. The flower trend fits perfect into the headband category because they have become so popular and look great on a headband. Flower sizes range from small to large as with the rings and in all different colors. These headbands are fun to wear and can turn a simple outfit into one that stands out. Feathers on headbands are also a trend that is being seen more now as well and have been arranged differently to create several styles.

Sunglasses have now become an accessory that is necessary especially in the spring and summer with the sun being out more often. The print of sunglasses has followed the spring trends of animal prints. Leopard and tiger print can be found on sunglasses as well as the color-block trend. Neon colors has become a big trend as well and is seen so much through sunglasses. The style of the frame is also another trend that can be found for this accessory and of course has its own separate ones from that of the accessories department as a whole. Aviators, wayfarer, and big-framed glasses are what are in for the upcoming seasons of 2010. All these frames have been out before this year but it is the new patterns with these frames that make them the new trend for this year. Ray-ban has become one of the leading sellers of the wayfarers and after coming out with simple color ones last year; they have decided to take it to another level now and add bright colors to their glasses. One the recent demanded wayfarer’s are those with the bright bold color inside the frame and either black or another color on the outside. They have also taken the floral pattern trend into their hands and created sunglasses with these prints that are also in demand.

Aviators seem to never get old and instead of just that gold metal frame there have been all different kinds of colors along with plastic frames. These sunglasses are not seen with the floral print or color block but instead do have different color frames and lens. The combination of colors is what makes each pair unique and trendy. The plastic aviators have also become in several different colors and also fit into the big-framed trend because they are coming out bigger than the normal size aviator.

The newest trend to the sunglasses section is squared frames. These have been growing and were seen on the runway. They haven’t been seen as much but it is a trend that has potential to become popular this summer.

There are several different sections to accessories due to variety of items that it covers. Overall there are trends that can be found for the section as a whole and then those trends that fit only for a specific section. Each accessory has its unique style and thanks to the designer’s creative style, there are endless items that are created taken from one overall theme. The spring trends don’t end with the season and will be seen during the summer but of course those trends intended for the next season will be seen more. Designers will continue to develop new styles with these trends and will evolve the world of fashion as they have been for all these years.