Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Confident Woman with a Not-So-Confident Dog

So my "Up in the air" coat is finished- it was such a pleasure to work with this pattern (Burda WOF 9/2008 - coat 101) It took me only about 3 hours over two days - as I had to get that zipper I was missing. I didn't do the lining, so it is very light, but still quite warm for a cool summer night walk to the local pub's outdoor garden. It is extremely comfy, and even "granny"ish St Bridget cross print  looks fab!

I added a black and gold trimming to the top of the collar to match the brass zipper fastening.

The pullover is from Burda 9/2010, model 121, made from a black/gold two tone jersey, very sleek and works perfectly as a current GOLD fashion trend 2011. 

The reason for the name of this post is this:  while taking these pictures my husband commented, that I must be a very confident woman (Himself hates appearing in photos, I have to sneak on him every time I want to take a shot of him LOL), when I was editing the main shot I discovered that someone else has a sneaking tendency- my staffie Harry is hiding behind me (photo on the top) - although his confidence levels have a lot of room for improvement! I might need to hire a life coach for him )))