Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ready to Get This Thing Started?

Just a reminder that tonight I will once again be live blogging the performances, as usual.

For anyone who’s new to this, I use a scorecard adapted from the “American Idol” magazine scorecard that was published during season four. I rate each performance 1-5 in four different categories: Vocal Ability, Song Choice, Personality and Stage Presence. I then add up the categories to give each contestant a total. 20 is the highest score possible.

The songlists for tonight’s (and tomorrow night’s) show are readily available since the performance shows were taped Friday and Monday, but I did my best to avoid the spoilers so I could be surprised. I did catch enough of a glimpse to see there are some current songs in the mix. And we know from past years that often leads to trouble.

Just a few hours ago, “Idol” posted on its Facebook page that the Top 10 will be revealed March 24th. A quick look at a calendar shows this date gives credence to the theory there will be a Top 13. It could also mean more than 13 finalists with a double elimination before the 24th. I’m hoping Ryan will shed a little light on this tonight…

I’ll be back in 20. I look forward to getting this thing started…