Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Top 12 Guys: "Holy Shipyards!"

Jovany Barreto, “I’ll Be”: 14
I like Jovany, but that was a WEAK song choice. He sang it well, but that song has been so overdone on the show. He should’ve stuck with Marc Anthony or Jon Secada.

#Tylerism Alert: “Holy Shipyards!”

Jordan Dorsey: “OMG”: 11
WOW! What a bad song choice. That song really doesn’t lend itself to showing off your voice and what we did hear of his voice was not good.

I’m curious, though, why he kept insisting that song wasn’t him. If that’s true, then why did he sing it? Did someone encourage him to sing it? Or is he just trying to appeal to the judges. Hmmm…