Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Danny Impresses, But Kris Wows 'Em...Finally!

What did we do without YouTube? That version of “Africa” is by Karl Wolf. I’m downloading it as we speak…

Danny Gokey, “You Are So Beautiful”: 18
Someone was flat there, but I think it might have been the guitar player. When I heard the choice, I thought, oh brother, but it was actually kind of shrewd since it plays right to Danny’s fan base.

Kris Allen, “Heartless”: 20
In the interest of full disclosure, it should be pointed out that Kris borrowed pretty heavily from The Fray, but I’m with Randy (again?!). Kris’ version was better. LOVED IT!!!

And kudos to the judges (well, everyone but Paula) for finally being honest. Maybe they think that Danny is already a sure thing, so it’s okay to tell the truth. Or maybe it was so good they just couldn’t deny it…