Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So Who's Going Home?

So for the final time this season, let me ask this question:

So who’s going home?

It would be easy to say Kris, and honestly, that’s what my gut is still telling me, but I think there is a chance that Kris could make the finale after all.

It’s clear that he has a big and vocal fan base, but is it bigger and more vocal than Danny or Adam’s? I’m not sure. And can the judges finally giving Kris the credit he deserves cancel out when they threw him under the bus earlier in the evening? I don’t know the answer to that one either. And the recap didn’t really do him any favors either, pulling out the worst part of “Apologize.”

And I can’t believe I have been so in sync with Randy tonight, but kudos to him for saying the vote is going to be close tonight. It was nice to see him acknowledge that after his and Kara’s ridiculous argument that Kris should have rearranged “Apologize” with just a guitar. Since he was doing that with his second song, doesn’t it stand to reason that he should sing the first song straight? And how was he going to redo that song with a guitar? Make it an uptempo number? Seriously…

I do, however, have to give some props to Danny, who performed well tonight, although I hated the arrangement of “Dance Little Sister.” And “You Are So Beautiful” was good, but Simon’s declaration that it was a “vocal master class” was completely over the top.

And what’s left to say about Adam? Love him or hate him, I believe he deserves to be in the finale. It wouldn’t be the same without him…

So what do you guys think? Will the show get its Adam-Danny finale or will Kris edge his way in? And if he does, who will he edge out?

Post away, kids…