Monday, May 18, 2009

Milan fashion week: 50 years young

The Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (National Chamber for Italian Fashion) is an Association of top Italian fashion types which disciplines, co-ordinates and promotes the development of Italian Fashion (note the capitals there). Essentially it conceived of, and now runs, Milan fashion week. This year it sees its 50th anniversary with, strangely, very little trumpet-blowing. So we decided to buck the trend and celebrate in our own inimitable style. Yes that's right, we've put together a gallery. Another one. Here are some pictures summing up 50 years of true Milan style.
A red panelled cocktail dress from Italian designer Fabiani in 1961. The model is pictured posing precariously in front of the Pirelli building, which was designed by Gio Ponti
Photograph: Mark Kauffman/Getty
Twiggy and Patti Boyd pose wearing ankle-length coats for Italian Vogue circa 1972
Photograph: Justin de Villeneuve/Hulton Archive/Getty
Renaissance man Giorgio Armani poses with a model in 1979
Photograph: David Lees/Time and Life/Getty
Masculine models enjoying the sunshine in Armani from 1982
Photograph: Vittoriano Rastelli/Corbis
Gianni Versace makes sure his model can't escape in this backstage picture from 1986. Note the scary eighties shoulder padding
Photograph: David Lees/Time and Life/Getty
Bedazzled: supermodel Helena Christensen wears what appears to be a jewelled chastity vest from Versace (1991)
Photograph: Julio Donoso/Corbis
Giorgio Armani selects his models backstage at Milan fashion week in September 1991
Photograph: George Steinmetz/Corbis
How many supermodels can you spot? Gianni Versace feels the love of the world's most beautiful women (from 1991)
Photograph: Vittoriano Rastelli/Corbis
Kate Moss rocks the androgenous look in Gucci from 2000
Photograph: Reuters
Rock chick chic and twin bobs: Moschino models from 2003
Photograph: Patrick Hertzog/AFP
We know what you're thinking - they can't be real books can they? But then look at her face ... Strange headgear from Antonio Berardi in 2004
Photograph: Pierre Verdy/AFP
"We like big butts and we cannot lie!" A shapely dress from Dolce and Gabanna in 2006
Photograph: Max Rossi/Reuters
One big dress from D&G 2007
Photograph: Stefano Rellandini/Reuters
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