Monday, May 18, 2009

How Many Judges Will There Be Next Year?

Today during FOX’s presentation of their 2009-2010 schedule, a reporter asked how many judges would be on “American Idol” next season.

FOX Entertainment President Kevin Reilly responded, “I can’t comment on that right now.” He continued by saying that like every year, he would sit down with the producers and look at the whole show.

According to Kara DioGuardi, she only signed a one-year deal with the show, but she would like to come back. Simon Cowell has said in recent interviews that he thinks she will be back.

I’m honestly not so sure. I think if the voters could decide this one, Kara would be out. Maybe she can redeem herself by writing a good coronation song…
And on a side note, the “Idol” results show will once again be an hour next year, although it’s scheduled to move to 8 p.m. Maybe we’ll get lucky and FOX will find some super-hilarious comedy between now and January that they just have to put there…