Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Did America Get It Right?

So for the final time this season, let me ask this question—Did America get it right?

Honestly, I have to agree with David Cook on this one. I don’t think America could have gotten it wrong with these two.

Now, I know the Adam Lambert fans will disagree. They’ll tell me that this result makes a mockery out of “Idol” since the most talented singer didn’t win. And no, the most talented singer didn’t win. But the most popular one did…

I know what you’re thinking. What do you mean Kris was the most popular? Adam was the favorite all season long. But of who? The show? The media? While everyone was talking about Adam, Adam, Adam, Kris was slowly gathering an army of supporters.

There are sure to be tons of theories about what happened to Adam tonight—backlash over his personal life, backlash over all of the coverage about him, backlash over the way the show pushed him—but I think the only thing that happened was that Kris proved to be more popular. You saw the bigger crowd in his homecoming video. You saw the bigger crowd tonight. Kris had more fans and they mobilized to make him our American Idol.

And honestly, Kris deserves it. He wasn’t the best vocalist, but he brought a fresh energy to each song he did. And you have to admit he’s a pretty talented musician with the guitar and the piano. I look forward to seeing him on tour.

And don’t worry, Adam fans. He will be just fine. You know that 19 is working on the contract for him right now. And people will be talking just as much about him for losing as they would have if he had won.

I’m sure I’ll have much more to say tomorrow and Tuesday in my final H-D column of the season.

Until then, let me turn it over to you guys. Are you happy with your new American Idol? Or do you think Adam was robbed?

Feel free to start the debate by posting your comments. And thanks to all of you for joining me tonight for what I think was a pretty good show…

Henderson, out!