Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So Who's Going to Win?

So if I was scoring the rounds, I would have called the first two for Adam and the third for Kris.

But in all honesty, do the performances even matter at this point? Kris and Adam already have their built-in fan bases and they’re going to vote for their favorites regardless of what happened tonight. The Adam fans will forgive him for his mediocre performance of the winner’s single and the Kris fans will forgive him for almost screaming the same song. The fans will vote their hearts and not their ears.

Notice that Simon completely pulled his punches tonight. Last year he called it a knockout for David Archuleta and ended up with egg on his face when David Cook took the title. So this year he just congratulated both of them for what they’ve done this season. His praise was a little more for Adam than Kris, but not much.

Of course, it didn’t help that he had just heard both of them botch a mediocre winner’s single that even its co-writer, Kara, didn’t seem all that excited about. Up until that point, I believe we were seeing one of the best “Idol” finales we’ve ever seen. Maybe the best since Ruben and Clay in season two.

I think it’s a pretty safe bet that this one will be the closest since that one.

So, now you probably want to know who I think is going to win. And I too am going to ignore my ear and go with my gut. And it says…Kris.

And no, I can’t tell you why. It’s just a feeling I have.

As I said in my H-D column today, I believe Kris needs to win. Adam is going to be fine either way. And I think Kris’ fans know that and will power vote their little fingers off. I also believe that there’s a contingent of fans who planned to vote for Danny that will give their support to Kris.

Now, if I’m wrong, and Adam does win, I’m cool with that. I’m just going with my gut here…

So now I turn it over to you guys. What do you think? Is this a foregone conclusion or can the Kris fans really cause an upset? And what about that winner’s single? Were you as bummed as I was that those were the last notes we heard from either of them? And do you agree with me that Kara blew her last chance at redeeming herself by giving us that song?

Post away…