Monday, May 18, 2009

What Should Adam and Kris Choose?

So we have no idea what Simon Fuller is going to choose for Adam and Kris—although I’ve got to believe it will be a better choice than Clive Davis would’ve made—and we don’t know anything about the coronation song yet.

But we do know that the guys must choose to repeat one of their earlier performances. So which ones should they be?

I absolutely think Adam should do “Mad World.” It was universally praised, Simon gave it a standing ovation and a lot of people didn’t see it live the first time because of DVRs cutting off. I also loved “Ring of Fire,” but I think that one was too polarizing, i.e. you either loved it or you hated it.

Although it was “Heartless” that helped get Kris into the top two, I don’t think he should repeat a performance that just happened. So, I think he should go with the song that first made heads turn toward him—“She Works Hard For the Money.” “Falling Slowly” would be a good choice as well.

What do you guys think? What performances would you like to see again?