Friday, May 15, 2009

What Are Kris and Adam Going to Sing?

I asked the “Idol” PR people what the song categories for Tuesday would be and they told me that hadn’t been announced yet.

Fortunately for us, Paula Abdul has loose lips…

On the “John Jay and Rich Show” today, Paula said they’ll be singing a song chosen by “Idol” guru Simon Fuller, a song the contestants choose themselves (either a previous performance song or a new one), and the coronation song.

Paula thinks that Kara DioGuardi wrote the coronation song, but she’s not sure if there’s more than one song. Kara confirmed to “TV Guide” last week that she did submit a song for consideration, but she didn’t know if it would be chosen.

You’ll remember last year that David and David did a contestant’s choice, a Clive Davis choice and their choice from the Songwriting Contest finalists. The year before, Blake and Jordin did a contestant’s new choice, a reprise of a previous performance song and the same coronation song (the dreadful “This Is My Now”).

If I were Kris and Adam I would sing new songs instead of reprising old ones. But if they do old ones I would like to see Adam do “Mad World” and Kris do “She Works Hard for the Money.”

Thanks to MJ for the information. I know there will be more as we get closer so be sure to keep checking…

UPDATE (courtesy of MJ): Tonight’s “Larry King Live” featured a roundtable of former Idols talking about the show. Ryan Seacrest called in and clarified what Adam and Kris will be singing Tuesday night:

1) Contestant’s favorite—Their favorite song from the season
2) Simon Fuller’s Pick
3) The Winner’s Single

According to Ryan, there will be only one coronation song. Whether or not rearranging will be allowed remains to be seen, I guess. You’ll recall that Blake Lewis was not allowed to rearrange “This Is My Now” and majorly struggled because of it.