Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Did America And the Judges Get It Right?

I apologize for the tardiness of the last bit of the show, but I was so swept up in the drama that I stopped typing and had to rewind the tape to get all of the action…

So did America get it right? No, they did not. Yes, Matt’s performance was rough, but Lil deserved to go home for her song choice, her performance and her attitude.

So did the judges get it right? Honestly, no, I don’t think they did either. It’s not that I don’t think Matt is good, it’s just that I think they should have saved the Judges’ Save for Allison. Even with Simon’s pimping, I think she’s still in the danger zone the next two weeks.

But you have to admit it made for good television. I was completely surprised because I was sure that it was Lil that Simon was considering saving. I never dreamed he’d consider Matt. But with only two weeks to use the save, I guess he figured what the heck.

And Matt’s fellow contestants were clearly happy about him staying around. However, that happiness faded quickly when Simon reminded them that two contestants have to go home next week. And Disco Week next week? YIPES!

I guess the upside is that it will force Danny and Anoop to actually sing something with a tempo…

So what do you guys think? Did the judges do the right thing in saving Matt?