Thursday, April 23, 2009

Has a Crowd Favorite Emerged?

Holly Thompson, 14, is doing “Anyway.” I’m a little jealous of her pretty black dress and that star pendant she’s wearing. And I’m jealous of her voice too.

Bridget Coffee, 14, doing “He Saw It All.” Interestingly, as she sings the phrase, “I heard a commotion,” a commotion can be heard outside, but she ignores it nicely. She’s wearing a pretty star pendant too. I’ve gots to get me one of those…

Katie Bruce, 14, singing “Perfect.” No, I don’t think I sang about negligees when I was 14…at least not in front of my mom. But the song choice was a good one for her, but Cindy said she would’ve preferred a different song.

Emily Kenner, 14, is doing a combination of “Lady Marmalade” and “Old Time Rock and Roll.” I just got chills. That was amazing…Donna says she loves the way she shows off. Randy says, “Wow.” Cindy says to be careful not to push too hard.

Rayanne Lynn Bond is singing “Stay.” That is not an easy song to do, but she does it beautifully and gets a big ovation.

There are some serious country singers out there, boys and girls…