Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some More Great Performances

We’re back…

Allison Conley, 18, doing “Let Her Rip.” The audience claps along with her.

Cory Helmick, 22, is doing “Who I’d Be.” Get this guy a part in some musical. He’s got the look, the sound, the works. Randy says he’s wondering where the other two Irish tenors were.

Benjamin Hankins, 23, is singing “I Believe I Can Fly” and he’s brought his fan club president with him. And the crowd was pleased with his song choice.

Still no signs, though…

Just a reminder that I’m hoping to have some pictures for you later tonight, along with the goodbye remarks of Anoop and Lil…

Kimberly Lynd, 26, is doing “Home Sweet Home.” Wonder if she knows this was originally a Motley Crue song?...

Raeanna Grizzle is doing “I Will Always Love You.” I was wondering where the Whitney was tonight. For the record, she hit every one of the notes and was rewarded for it by the crowd. Randy says a “healthy Whitney Houston would have been proud.”

Cole Strickland doing “Anymore.” I don’t know this one at all. He gets a little shook up in the middle. It’s totally understandable considering the restlessness that is starting to build up amongst the audience in the theater. Randy just brought out the word “quality” for the first time tonight.

Ashley Jones, 18, is singing “Blessed.” That was a really nice key change in the middle there and the audience agrees. Randy says, “Wow.”

David Ridley, 19, is doing “I’ll Be” and his fan club is here. I think I’m going to ask if I can join them. He couldn’t have picked a better song. And the audience really liked it.

Penny Garvin, 23, is singing “A Baby Changes Everything.” She has a crazy high range.

Katherine Meyers, 19, is doing “Stay,” another popular choice tonight. I predict this song will be huge during the “Idol” auditions next season. Again, it’s a perfect choice as she does it beautifully.