Thursday, April 23, 2009

The First Contestants

Actress Donna Houston, WSAZ’s Randy Yohe, and music teacher Cindy Sullivan are our judges. They’re using the criteria of song selection, style, technique, execution, and entertainment…

Our first contestant is four year-old Selina Foe (forgive my spelling if it’s wrong, parents). She’s doing “Bleeding Love.” It’s adorable. I hope her parents will forgive me for saying she’s going to be a heartbreaker—and Donna just agreed with me. Randy tells her that she has a great future. Cindy tells her she’s brave as she just looks at the audience. She really does have a great future.

Bailey Rickert is age five and she’s doing “Picture to Burn.” And she freezes—completely understandable. Randy tries to prompt her, but no luck. Brian asks if someone knows the first word, but since it’s a country song, so I don’t know it.

Sophia Foe, 7, does “Even If I Say.” Wow, that’s a mature song for a seven-year-old and she looks cute in her “This is now” t-shirt. Randy tells her to move around a little more.

Emily Grace Murphy, 11, does “The Way I Loved You.” She is also cutely blinged out. Did I sing mature love songs when I was that age? Donna says she could tell she was really feeling the song.

Gracie Thompson, 8, does “Coal Miner’s Daughter. You can tell she’s a pro because she takes the microphone out of the stand and pounds on it to make sure it’s on. If I was judging, I would give her a solid score in song choice, because this is a good one for her voice.