Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lots More Country Songs...

Raven Elise is doing “A Moment Like This.” Sorry, I missed I her age. I would give her big points for song choice too. I think it was a highly appropriate choice.

Nine-year-old Ricky Riffe with “Cheetah Love.” I presume that’s a “Cheetah Girls”song, right?

12-year-old Kerrie Straud doing “I Told You So.” I apologize again for any name misspellings. I love her country bling jacket. Wow, that’s a tough one, but she does a good job. She gets a big ovation from the audience.

Shanna Unrue, 12, does “Angel.” I guess this is a country song, because I don’t recognize it. She has a cheering section too.

Morgan Ra’Shel McGlone doing “So Small.” Her cheering section is in the front row just behind me. She has got a power country voice. And she gets the biggest ovation so far. Randy says, “Wow.”

Maddison Taylor, 12, is doing “Beat It” Okay, I’m trying to stay impartial here. But that was pretty cool. She actually turned into a song with actual singing. But her woos were right on too.

Halee Erwin, 12, doing “All-American Girl.” And she looks the part. And sounds it too. That one is a tough one, but she does it well and gets a big ovation from the crowd. Donna only says “oooh.”

Hannah Vance, 13, is doing “Our Song.” She’s got all kinds of confidence. And she too has a big cheering section.