Friday, April 24, 2009

Lil Rounds: "I did make it my own"

Lil certainly had no problem speaking her mind when she was a contestant. But now that she’s off the show, it almost seems like someone is trying to keep her quiet.

First, Ryan didn’t even let her say goodbye on Wednesday’s show and then during the media conference call, she didn’t even get the chance to give us closing comments. Plus, I’m pretty sure she got less time than Anoop did.

However, she did have a chance to continue to try to convince us that she did make her songs her own. Personally, I would’ve preferred if she had just made them sound good.

Here’s a sample of what Lil had to say…

On the judges’ comments: “I just feel like the judges gave their critique on the performance and how they feel it went…They were giving me constructive criticism...There were times I felt like they were going back and forth a bit…[Their advice] is going to help me make [my career] a great success.”

On making the songs her own: “I first of all thought that I did vocally. I always stayed true to how the song went, but I always made sure I got that [R&B] vibe in there…I feel like I did that. I felt like I knew who I was as an artist and that I did make it my own.”

On what she learned from the “Idol” experience: “Even in the midst of adversity you’ve gotta keep your head up. I feel like I came back each week and would sing my little heart out…It’s been a blessing.”

On why she talked back to the judges two weeks ago: “I just felt like the judges, it seemed like it started going back and forth. I was kind of like, I don’t know which way to go. I had to make it clear. I just wanted America to know I really, really am an artist…I felt that America got what I was trying to say. The judges are great, but I was on the show for America.”

On whether she suspected she was going home: “I had a great feeling that it might’ve been time. I started coping with the idea [of going home] before the show.”

On her performance of “I’m Every Woman Tuesday night: “I always wanted to sing it. I thought it was a really, really good song…I thought it was one of those performances where everybody was into it. I really enjoyed Tuesday.”

On how she made her song choices: “It depended on how I felt emotionally and what I was trying to get America to see me as.” Well that explains it a lot, doesn’t it?

And I’m sorry, Lil, but your argument that the judges were flip-flopping on you just doesn’t fly with me. They were pretty consistent with what they wanted from you from the beginning. You were the one who was flip-flopping…

Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX