Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brooke finds her inner "Hero" and Kristy Lee makes another shrewd choice

Brooke White, “Hero”: 17
I really liked this until she started absolutely racing through the chorus which made it lose all of the emotion. And did you see how bad she was shaking at the end? But I disagree with Randy that the bridge was off. I liked it.

Kristy Lee Cook, “Forever”: 18 ½
I started to write 19, and I realized I couldn’t possibly give her the same score as David A. But you have to admit this was pretty good. I think Kristy Lee is becoming one of the shrewdest song choosers I have ever seen on this show. Not only did she pick a song we weren’t all that familiar with so we couldn’t compare her to Mariah, but she also picked a song she could countrify. And as far as Simon not liking her, I think he’s trying to sway the audience.
And how on the nose is Paula tonight? Wow!