Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Round Two...

Time now for round two…

Jason Castro, “September Moon”: 16
That was such a snoozer I almost fast-forwarded through it. It’s like Jason is sleep-walking through the competition.

David Cook, “All I Really Need Is You”: 20
Now there’s the man I love! He could release that now. And that, Brooke, is how you use a guitar.

Brooke White, “I Am I Said”: 15
I was probably a touch harsh on this one because I am so over her. I am over her false start, her babbling and her constant attitude with Simon. And I know Neil Diamond was trying to be helpful, but by making the song a contrast between Arizona and LA, the lyric about “two shores” didn’t work any more.

David Archuleta, “America”: 19
We really should’ve had this one pegged. It was a good performance, but he needed better backup singers.

Syesha Mercado, “Thank the Lord for the Nighttime”: 18
I think it was good for her to mix a funky song with a ballad, but the backup singers let her down as well. But let’s face it. She could’ve given the best performance in the history of the show and it wouldn’t help her. Simon’s right. She’s in trouble.