Monday, April 28, 2008

Clay's New CD: It Will Be Worth the Wait

Tonight on QVC, Clay Aiken performed five songs from his new CD “On My Way Here,” which hits stores May 6th.

Clay said that he purposely didn’t pick radio songs, so the CD is pretty eclectic with tracks that he enjoys singing.

His first performance was the title track and first single, “On My Way Here.” It still reminds me of “I Survived You,” but it really does grow on you. And Clay performs it beautifully.

“Everything I Don’t Need” is a change of pace song that’s upbeat and Clay snarls a little bit in it, which is nice.

“Something About Us” is an old-fashioned ballad that Clay found on a songwriter’s MySpace page.

“Where I Draw the Line” is a great song that sounds like a cross between “I Survived You” and “No More Sad Songs.” I can’t wait to hear the produced version.

Clay closed the show with the gorgeous ballad, “The Real Me,” which was rudely cut off. I could hear Claymates across the country screaming at their TVs.

By the way, the bonus CD/DVD QVC is selling features “When I Need You,” live versions of “Invisible,” “Measure of a Man” and “I Will Carry You” and a never released video of “This Is the Night.” The bonus CD is only available with a CD pre-order, which you can still do here.

QVC said they pre-sold over 11,000 CDs during the half-hour show. I’m hoping that number counts toward the Billboard chart…

And yes, I was one of them. The bad thing is that the CD is not scheduled to arrive until May 15th. Oh well. After tonight’s little preview, I’m quite certain it will be worth the wait…