Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Round One...

So obviously my meeting ran longer than I thought it would and since they’re doing two songs tonight, I figured I would divide my posts into two parts…

And if you’re thinking that this seems early to do two songs, you’re correct. Last season they didn’t do more than one song until the top four. But remember that last season there was a top six for two weeks in a row…

So, let’s look at round one…

Jason Castro: “Forever In Blue Jeans”: 18
I thought this was a great choice, but it just didn’t really zing for me. And it was way over-orchestrated.

David Cook: “I’m Alive”: 18
Again, it was good; but there was just something missing.

Brooke White: “I’m a Believer”: 15
What was the purpose of that guitar if she was going to go with an over-orchestrated version? She needed to go a little more acoustic because this was a bit of a hokey wreck.

David Archuleta: “Sweet Caroline”: 17
It was good I guess, but just a little too hokey for me.

Syesha Mercado: “Hello Again”: 19
I thought the performance was solid and she had her best hair of the season.

Man, do I hate this judges’ commenting at the end. And how uncomfortable was it to hear Randy correct Paula. Yikes!

You know, one of the reasons people have been citing for the ratings decline is that Paula hasn’t been loopy enough. Maybe she’s making up for lost time…