Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Worst Idol Episode Ever?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our worst fear has come true. Tuesday’s theme is Mariah Carey, which means all of the contestants have to sing a Mariah song…

Michael Johns was going to do a bluesy version of “Vision of Love,” which I would’ve picked for Syesha. But what should everyone else do?

I fear that Syesha will go with something like “Someday,” and I think that’s too big for her. I think “Vision” would match up with her voice much better, or possibly “I’ll Be There.”

I can hear David A. ripping out “Hero” with no problems or “I’ll Be There” since it was originally a male song, and I think Carly could handle “I Don’t Wanna Cry.” Brooke could possibly strip down “We Belong Together,” but she should definitely do it with a piano or her guitar. “I’ll Be There” might work for her too. I have no idea which song Kristy Lee will try to countify, but I’m sure it will be a ballad. Maybe “When You Believe,” if she can turn that into a solo song. Jason is a complete mystery for me.

As for David C., I have a rather obscure choice for him--which we’ve already seen is his specialty. I would go with the Robert Palmer classic, “I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On,” which Mariah recorded for “Glitter.” I’m sure she would hate to be reminded of that movie, but she’d have to get over it.

So what do you guys think? Which contestants should attempt which Mariah songs?

And are you with me that this could be the worst episode of Idol ever?…