Monday, April 7, 2008

Clay’s New Single!!!

So let’s take a break from “Idol Gives Back” mania to talk about something REALLY big—Clay Aiken’s new single.

“On My Way Here” was written by the hotter-than-hot singer/songwriter Ryan Tedder of One Republic (He co-wrote the #1 smash “Bleeding Love.”) and is the first single and title track from Clay’s new CD due out May 6th.

Clay told “USA Today” that he used the song as the “catalyst for the whole album to be lyrically connected” with songs that relate to “lessons I’ve learned.”

Clay promises the CD will have “a little bit of something for everyone, from symphonic-type ballads to upbeat, edgy stuff.”

However, don’t expect Clay to tour anytime soon. He does plan to tour eventually, just not this summer…

You guys know I love Clay, but I’m a little disappointed with this one. It’s gorgeous and Clay sounds great, but it sounds so much like “I Survived You” from Clay’s first CD.

You can hear it for yourself here. Be sure to let me know what you think.