Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Disappointment With "Idol"

I said in my last post that I wasn’t sure why Michael was eliminated. But one thing I am sure of is how disappointed I am in my beloved “Idol.” First, they show a comedian using a bleeped f-word during a charity show watched by millions of families, immediately after a contemporary Christian praise song. And then tonight, they give us the cruelest elimination I have ever seen in my six and a half years of watching. Yes, Ryan has made a lot of cruel cuts over the years, but to dangle the prospect of Michael staying and then tell him goodbye—again? That was cruel beyond words. The audience and Michael and Carly were stunned enough that he was leaving. Ryan should have just let that moment suffice instead of teasing us with the possibility of a non-elimination. Now, granted, there’s no way the show would have done a special elimination show and not eliminate anyone, but Michael didn’t know that. And trying to add drama, or whatever Ryan was trying to do with that move, actually took away from the drama of the moment itself as Carly roamed around the stage lost and Michael just stood there wondering what was happening.

Ryan, I love you, but that was beyond cruel and you shouldn’t have done it. If it was Nigel’s idea, you should have told him no. And Nigel, if it was your idea, you should be completely ashamed (for that and for the Ben Stiller video).

This week was about charity. It would’ve been nice if the show had shown a little to Michael.

Kudos to him, though, for working through it and giving one of the most dynamic goodbye performances I’ve ever seen. If only he had shown that charisma earlier, he might still be with us…