Monday, April 28, 2008

Is FOX Getting Concerned?

Waiting for me in my e-mail inbox Thursday morning was an interesting survey from FOX. They wanted to get my opinions about “American Idol.”

They asked whether I was enjoying it more this year than in previous years (I said about the same.). They asked how important the contestants were to my enjoyment of the show (Very important). And they asked about the judges and Ryan (I said Simon, Paula and Ryan were important. Randy not so much.).

Then they asked my thoughts about the auditions and whether they go on too long (I said they did.). And then they asked about Hollywood Week, which you guys know, is my favorite part of the auditions. I have long said that it isn’t long enough, so when they asked that exact question. I absolutely said it should be longer.

And that’s when they revealed the most interesting question of the survey. Would it increase or decrease my enjoyment of the show if the season started out in Hollywood with flashbacks to the auditions?

Hmmm…You’ve got to admit that’s interesting…

Of course I said it would increase my enjoyment because it would lengthen Hollywood Week and I’m just curious to see how that would work.

But could “American Idol” be “American Idol” without the goofy auditions?

Which leads to another question that I’m sure you’ve all got in your heads right now. Why is FOX asking all of these questions?

Because the time for change may have finally come for “American Idol.”

According to Nielsen, the ratings for “Idol” are down 7% and down 10% among the coveted 18-49 demographic. It’s the show’s first significant year-to-year decline.

Although “Idol” is still towering over the competition, FOX would have to be concerned by the downward trend since it is the network’s crown jewel. FOX may think it is time to update the tried-and-true formula…

So why is “Idol” in decline anyway? offers four reasons: viewer fatigue, competition from other reality shows, the musical themes, and a lack of controversy.

Maybe this season needed another Sanjaya after all…

What do you guys think about the flashback idea? And why do you think the ratings are down?…