Monday, April 7, 2008

Is “Idol” Turning on the “Mosh Pit”?

Every week it seems like those people in the “mosh pit” get worse and worse. In fact, some people blamed them for Jason’s appearance in the bottom three two weeks ago because of their lousy clapping during his slow song.

Apparently, the producers thought so too since they have taken steps to try and squelch the clapping.

According to, Corey, the comic who warms up the audience before the show, told the audience Tuesday not to clap during the slow songs. Then, before the taping of the Jordin Sparks-Chris Brown duet for Thursday’s show, Debbie, the stage manager, told the audience not to clap along with the song because they didn’t have rhythm.

You go, girl!

Now, if we could just get rid of that annoying hand waving…