Tuesday, April 8, 2008

David Is "Innocent" and Carly Goes On With the Show

So, we introduce the audience to Mike Darnell, who Simon calls “the real dark lord of ‘American Idol.’” No, Simon, that would be the dark lord of all television…

David Cook, “Innocent”: 19
The song had a weird beginning, but once David hit the chorus it was awesome. I thought it was gutsy for him to move right in front of the judges and I loved his move with “give back” written on his hand. That was genius and it looked great on camera.

Taylor Swift in the house!

Carly Smithson, “The Show Must Go On”: 17
I actually got a little excited when I heard this was her song because I thought she would nail it, but again, she disappointed me. I think she was disconnected from the song, and the director cutting to the band every time she hit the chorus didn’t do her any favors. And she seemed to run out of steam on that last note. This did nothing to make me forget Paris Bennett’s performance of this song, which I actually have on my computer. And once again Randy, it was the band that was off, not the singer.