Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Paula's Ready to Dance Like There's No Tomorrow "With the Stars"

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Paula Abdul was in the audience of “Dancing With the Stars” last night. But if she gets her way, she’ll be doing more than just sitting on the sidelines…

That’s right. Paula wants to be a contestant on the show.

She told Louis van Amstel (the tour choreographer who danced with Priscilla Presley this season) and Tom Bergeron, who mentioned it in a radio interview.

Judge Bruno Tonioli told TVGuide.com, “We want Paula if she wants to do it.” But is that fair since Paula is a choreographer and professional dancer? Bruno said that ballroom is “such a different technique. It would not be unfair.”

Paula has said that FOX cannot keep her from doing the show in the fall (although I’m not so sure about that).

But Paula isn’t the only “Idol” judge who wants to appear on “Dancing.” Simon Cowell and Bruno have been working on a plan to have Bruno slip in and judge a singer while Simon would go to the ballroom and judge a dancer. Bruno told TVGuide.com, “We just have to get the networks to agree.”

Remember that “Idol” and “Dancing” tape across the hall from each other…