Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So who's going home?

Okay, so time to break this down. If we get a bottom three tomorrow night (We could possibly only get a bottom two since there are only six remaining.), I would go with Brooke, Jason and Syesha--not because she wasn’t good, but because she went first. Carly is really the wild card in the whole equation because of her song choice (unless I’m totally wrong and I’m giving America less credit than they deserve).

So, who’s going home? It’s got to be Brooke, doesn’t it? I mean, she actually started over and started again. Paula pretty much trashed her--and when was the last time Paula did that? And yes, Ryan allowed Simon and Randy to jump in and defend her, but I’m thinking (and hoping) it wasn’t enough.

I do believe that Syesha did enough to stay, but her fan base will need to rally for her to avoid the dreaded going first jinx. According to WhatNotToSing.com (as reported by USAToday.com), a website that analyzes “Idol” data (Yes, that is an actual site.), in 69 finals episodes, the singer in the #1 slot has been voted off 20 times--seven more times than would be expected based on statistical probability. Hmmm….

I’ll have more on that later…

For now, what do you think? Has Brooke worn out her welcome or will she survive?

I need to go vote now. I know Sir Lloyd Webber wasn’t that impressed with David C., but since I am now officially in love with him, I need to vote--A LOT…