Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Day After: Would the Judges Save Lil?

So here are some thoughts since I signed off last night…

I would look for Ryan to ask Adam about his arrangement tonight since Adam is taking some flack on the Internet for “copying” the Gary Jules’ version of the Tears for Fears Song.

Here we go again…

After hearing Jules’ version (which is used in the movie “Donnie Darko”), it’s pretty clear that it inspired Adam’s performance, but to say it was a “lame” copy cat performance is just wrong. These contestants deserve kudos for finding these different versions that allow them to put themselves into the songs (a la David Cook last year). Plus, I think Adam took enough liberties with the melody to distance himself from Jules.

And besides, Adam never said he came up with the arrangement. And if given the time, he may have said something about Gary Jules, but he didn’t get to say anything. In fact, anyone who TiVoed the show—and did not take my advice—completely missed his performance altogether.

If you fall into that category, you can see it here.

You can hear Jules’ version here.

So, with that out of the way, here’s a question for you. I am 100% positive that if I’m right and Scott is the lowest vote-getter that the judges will not save him. But if Survivor fans were not as offended as I was by Scott’s performance and Lil ends up being the lowest vote-getter, will the judges save her?

Yes, I believe they will. Why? Because Simon has already predicted a Lil-Danny-Adam final three and he doesn’t want to be wrong.

Now, does she deserve to be saved? No. Lil has yet to live up to whatever the judges saw in her—although I have to say I never saw it.

So let’s take this a little further. Would the judges save Allison? They should, but I don’t know that they would because they might want to use the save later if they need to save one of their chosen ones—Danny, Lil or Adam (although I don’t see Adam in the bottom slot anytime soon).

As for Anoop, Kris or Matt, I don’t think the judges would save any of them this week either, even though they should save Kris or Matt. They should save Kris simply for subjecting him to the mosh pit. Maybe they did that on purpose to keep him from screwing up their pre-ordained top three?


By the way, Flo Rida will be doing “Right Round” tonight and Kellie Pickler will be doing “Best Days of Your Life."

See you at 9…