Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Last Night's Drama

Before we get into tonight’s show, let’s talk about the drama that happened behind the scenes last night…

David Cook was rushed to the hospital following his performance last night, after experiencing heart palpitations. Paramedics were called to check his blood pressure during the commercial break prior to his performance, but David would only get proper treatment after his song.

At the hospital, a doctor gave him medication to bring his blood pressure down and discharged him. He is expected to be on tonight’s show.

The palpitations were most likely created by the stress of the show. But David has also been dealing with family issues as his brother is battling cancer.

Speaking of the stress of the show, Doxology told today that they feel totally vindicated by David’s shout-out last night. They admitted that it had been in the works with the producers for a few weeks (Interestingly, they also said they could not confirm the rumor that David did mention them in his taped interview before his performance but the producers cut it out.).

Also backstage last night, Ryan Seacrest smacked his leg against the metal railing that divides the audience from the main floor while trying to dash across the set. He was able to continue after several icepacks.

Ryan, would you just give me a call already? We klutzes have to stick together.

Now to tonight's show, which is another hour-long stall fest. We'll get a performance from Dolly Parton, but no performance from a former Idol. Instead, we'll get a video updating us on Phil Stacey, Bucky Covington, and Bo Bice.

I’ll be back later with the results. Everything in my gut (which was dead wrong last week) says it’s going to be Syesha…