Saturday, May 31, 2008

Claymates, Where Are You?

My hero Denise keeps asking me what the Claymates are saying about the report that Clay is going to be a father.

And I keep telling her the same thing—They’re not saying anything.

The Clay bashers, however, are saying plenty, including jokes about his sexuality and comparing him to Michael Jackson.

Which is my problem with this whole thing to start with. If this is true—which “People” says it has confirmed—why tell anyone? Maybe Clay doesn’t care what people say about him, but what about the child? What kind of ridicule will he or she have to endure?

It’s just sad that at a time when people should be talking about Clay’s fantastic CD, all anyone can talk about is this.

So since we have to talk about it, tell me what you think.

Is this totally sick or is it just a wonderful gesture of friendship?

And Claymates, where are you? Speak up!