Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nigel Defends “Hit Me Up”

Today on USAToday.com, Michael Slezak of “Entertainment Weekly” takes a few more shots against the show he loves and Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe steps in to defend it and himself…

Slezak told USAToday.com that part of the show’s ratings problems is that it is displaying an “arrogance I’ve never seen before. The show consistently damaged its own credibility.”
Slezak called last week’s choice of “Hit Me Up” for Syesha “a vicious case of sabotage. They didn’t need to make it that obvious. The viewers are smarter than the show gives them credit for.”

Nigel, of course, denied that the producers were manipulating the outcome by saying Syesha “made a poor choice herself with ‘Fever.’ Until that point, (the judges) had been very strong in Syesha’s favor. ‘Fever’ tipped the balance.”

Maybe, but didn’t “Hit” send her over the edge? Whatever helps you sleep at night, Nigel…