Thursday, May 15, 2008

David vs. David: Who Won the Coin Toss?

Warning: If you do not want to know any details about next week’s singing order, stop reading now…

All “Idol” fans know that it’s better to go last on finale night, so the coin toss to determine order is extremely important (which makes Blake’s decision to defer to Jordin last year all the more painful, but I digress).

And, no surprise, Jeff Archuleta understands that too…

According to MTV News, Ryan’s David-David coin landed Archuleta side up, prompting Jeff to yell “Second! Second!” from the audience.

He couldn’t have given him those instructions before? They always do the coin toss after the top three results show. Do a little research, Jeff. Sheesh!

The article on doesn’t actually say that David A. chose to go second, but considering the circumstances, I feel quite certain that he did.

“Idol” has been won by a contestant who did not go last (Ruben Studdard), but it is a lot trickier since the person who goes last gets the chance to go out on a big number, which will probably be the winner’s single.

But I wouldn’t look for any moves from the producers to make David C. look bad (as they did with Blake last year). I’m starting to think they want David C. to win this thing…

UPDATE: confirms that David Archuleta will go second. Apparently, the audience did a lot of prompting too.