Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cook: "It's pretty absurd..."

Yesterday, I made a comment about whether or not Cook wanted to win. So did he?
He told’s Shirley Halperin that yes, he did…

“I think to be in this competition and not want to win is just a slap in the face to everybody that auditioned. Did I fall into it? Yes, but I never went into this thinking, I wanna take fifth or tenth place. I think that’s very disrespectful.”

Cook told Halperin that if you look at his song choices and put them in order “it’s like a set list.”

So did David ever vote himself? He said he voted three times during the season and each vote was for…Archuleta.

But the most interesting thing that David told Halperin was this comment about television:

“Television is a weird thing. One of the things that was really tough for me to grasp was how people can really invest themselves in you as a person, based off what they see in an hour or two. Why do they cry when somebody gets sent home? Because these are relationships that were created long ago. It’s interesting…”

Cook also shared that last night was “a trip. I got to play with ZZ Top and introduce Bryan Adams and George Michael. And to have it all topped off by me winning ‘American Idol’? It’s pretty absurd”…

David told, "You kind of hold that air in for four months, throughout the whole process. To be able to exhale was kind of the ultimate release. Ten-plus years of work I put into wanting to play music has been vindicated all of a sudden."